Leadership Circle

Our Leadership Circle recognizes our highest level of individual giving. 
The following individuals have demonstrated their commitment to FOCUS with a gift of $1,000 or more. 

lifetime members

Lawrence L. Cohn
Mark and Deborah Miller



Andrew Butcher
Martin Francis Leifeld
Lesley K. McIntire
Paul and Laura Miller
Mary and Steven Schoolman


Ann E. Althoff
Matt Aubuchon
Rebeccah Leah Bennett
Kasey Bergh
Gay Burns
Chris and David Chadwick
Molly N. Cline
Emily Dai
Tim Eby
Dwight Erdbruegger
June McAllister Fowler and Flint Fowler
Marilyn & Sam Fox
James Frost
Margie Garanzini-Daiber
John J. Glenn, Jr.
Mark Grieman
Janet M. Holloway
Jermaine Holt
Benjamin and Elise Johnson
E. Terrence Jones and Lois H. Pierce
Lesley C. Knowles
Sarah A. Kramer
Kevin Krosley
Jacki Langum
Diane Gershman Levine
Lucy and J. David Levy
Carolyn and Joseph Losos
Deborah J. Patterson
John Peluso
Penelope Pennington and Mike Fidler
Ann Petrocelli
Emily Rauh Pulitzer
Rodger Riney
Stephen Savis
Katherine D. Siddens
Rick Spiekermann
John H.K. Sweet
Molly Tovar
Michelle D. Tucker
Henry Webber and Christine Jacobs
James and Stacey Weddle
Kathleen Wehrfritz
Keith Willy
Starsky D. Wilson