Equity and Inclusion: Scholarships

In 2016, FOCUS launched an effort to increase our scholarship offerings for program participants to better ensure diversity across race, gender, income, and sector. We strive for inclusive recruitment and program cohorts that represent our region demographically and across sectors. Still, there are many excellent applicants whose employers are not capable of financial support and who are not able to make a significant personal financial commitment. Increases in scholarship funding will help us to provide an even more rich and rewarding experience for all FOCUS program participants.

Capturing the Impact: Evaluation

FOCUS educates leaders and connects them to one another, and facilitates important, difficult conversations for our region. Our work informs leaders and equips them to lead across difference and in collaboration with others, and we are embarking upon a process to better capture, clarify, and publicize the transformative impact of our programs upon our participants and our region.

Engagement and Reconnection: FOCUS Alumni

FOCUS alumni are some of the most highly-placed and well-connected leaders in the St. Louis region. But do they know other FOCUS alums? Over the coming year, we will be working to make FOCUS alumni more visible in the region and more connected to FOCUS by providing increased opportunities for learning and engagement.

Clarity of Purpose: Integration

In late 2015, we clarified our mission as an organization, and the core values that inform our work. In the coming years, these statements will guide us and serve as criteria for program refinement and growth as the region’s premiere civic leadership education organization.